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The best AVMs in the world use 1 or 2 models, We use FIVE models to make the most accurate AVM we have ever built.

Our AVMs are Third Party Tested & Certified.

AI driven solutions for exceptional outcomes

  • AI-Powered Condition & Quality assessment strategies using 100’s of simultaneous models
  • Damage & Deferred Maintenance detection and scoring
  • Deterministic Quality Assessment from basic contractor grade to luxury finishes
  • Scoring Output Compliance with Fannie Mae Uniform Appraisal Dataset

Reduce risk with our house level risk metrics

  • Highly Accurate Valuations that consider physical condition.
  • Price forecasts movements for the next  24 months.
  • Early bubble detection 

Weiss Analytics products are built upon our House Specific Price Indexes, the most accurate time adjustments ever built.

  • Top Nationally Ranked AVM
  • Third-Party Tested & Certified
  • Property Characteristics
  • Hedonic Valuation
  • Hyper Local Comps
  • House Level Forecast
  • Exportable PDF Report
  • Available by API
  • Upload Photos OR Videos
  • Advanced AI Photo Analysis
  • Automatic Room Identification
  • Automatic Damage Detection
  • Quality & Condition Scores
  • Available by API
  • User Selectable OR Automatic Comps
  • Market Heat Map
  • Transparent Interactive User Adjustments
  • Distance to Waterfront
  • Distance to Busy Roads
  • Available by API
  • Planned Launch Q1 2024

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